Lasting longer in bed

Lasting longer in bed is a trick many guys would like to master, but before lasting longer in bed, get in some practice with a great male sex toy.

Research suggests that the average man lasts about 3 to 3.5 minutes while making love. Of course some men are lasting longer, while many others are lasting considerably shorter. In fact for some men, lasting longer just seems like an impossible dream.

There are some lasting longer lovemaking positions that can help address the problem:

Position 1: Missionary

In medieval times, when much about how we view sex was formulated by the Church, this was the favored position as taught by the likes of Thomas Aquinas and other church figures. You lie on top of your partner and, face to face, pump up and down rhythmically.  Stimulation to the sensitive head of the penis is reduced therefore enabling the session to be lasting longer.

Position 2: Girl on top

A lot of women actually prefer this sexual position and it helps in lasting longer because with the woman’s weight on top the stimulation to the penis I, once again greatly reduced. so she will most likely be more than happy to oblige. The woman can also control the speed of the lovemaking in this position, which is usually slower than with certain other techniques.

But if you want to learn the art of lasting longer without having to embarrass yourself with the trial and error of lovemaking, the Male Massager is a male sex toy that can really help. It builds sexual stamina by exposing the penis to the same intense stimulation enjoyed during lovemaking. If you do come too soon using this machine it simply means you can start again, and keep trying until you are lasting longer than you ever thought possible.

The Male Massager has a soft silicone sleeve into which you insert your penis. You switch on the multi speed controller and it rides up and down your entire shaft creating incredible sensations. Because you can control it with the multi speed controller you can start lasting longer in the bedroom after just a few sessions.

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