Male sex toys: Boys have never had it so good.

Choosing male sex toys used to be easy because there was practically no choice. Now deciding on male sex toys is much harder because there’s almost too much choice.

It wasn’t that long ago when choosing male sex toys was an extremely easy decision. It was a choice between a blow up doll, a penis pump or a cock ring. Some male sex toys were advertized in men’s magazines, but most of they had to be bought in sex shops in notoriously edgy areas. The internet has made massive changes to the way guys buy sex toys.

First there’s far more choice, and loads of new categories, second technology has made the products hundreds of times better, while the internet has eliminated all of the shyness and embarrassment of choosing suitable male sex toys.

The result is that sales of male sex toys have soared to the point where sex toys are today a $4 billion industry, and webmasters and affiliates can make big money from selling them.

Now whenever you choose a toy, you have to decide what category you want before you can begin. The biggest category of male sex toys is male masturbators. This category can stretch to several pages on the internet, but according to where you live in the world I’s a case of different strokes for different folks.

While Western audiences love their male masturbators to look as authentic as possible, with many porn stars providing exact replicas of their private parts, in Japan and in many parts of the Far East, these masturbators are seen as being too crude, so a fully automatic sex machine such as the Autoblow Blast, which looks more like a blender than a sex machine, is preferred.  The Autoblow has proven incredibly popular around the world because it gives one of the favorite sexual favors for men of them all- a fantastic deep throat blowjob.

Some guys can’t resist collecting a whole different range of sex toys, while others rely on just one faithful toy to get the m through the occasional quiet and lonely night. But with so much incredible choice, it seems a shame to stop at just one.

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Male sex toys that pump up the volume

Refresh your sex life

Imagine you’ve been listening to your favourite song for years on tinny clapped out speakers. Then one day you go and invest in some big new audio beasts with a woofer the size of a housing project. Suddenly for the first time, you hear the intricate bass riff and the previously inaudible subtlety of your Guitar God’s guitar licks. It’s like you have a new set of ears.

And it’s a bit like that the first time you explore the wonderful world of male sex toys. They tickle and tease in places you never knew about , and can deliver stronger sensations, bigger climaxes and a bigger hard-on than you’ve had well..ever. This is sex with the mufflers taken off.

The male sex toys industry has boomed in recent years. Science, technology and commerce have come together if you will, to bring you a range of toys that will blow you, vibrate you, prolong your staying power, and generally thrill you in ways you haven’t been thrilled before.

Types of sex toys

Today male sex toys are sold as casually online as DVD’s and books. The array and their uses are staggering, not so much a sexual revolution, as male sex toy evolution.

If masturbating is your thing, you’re spoilt for choice with a range of male sex toys;  cock rings, vibrating cock rings, penis sleeves, pocket pussies, fleshlights and fully fledged ass and pussy combos made in a variety of advanced gels, silicones and plastics. These can add a whole lot of harmony to the end of a tough working day.

To probe the perineum, the tender cluster of nerves between the testicles and the anus, there are G-Spot vibrators, which will turn the sound up on your sex life in a hurry.

And for the man who wants the full rock orchestra of sex sensations, try the new wave of fully automatic blowjob machines. Autoblow Blast, placed over the penis, can be controlled to deliver the perfect blowjob with speed settings and motor driven micro beads that pleasure the cock up automatically to a full crescendo climax.

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