Off the beaten track: Little know sex toys for men

Sex toys for me have become so varied that there are sex toys for men that are known by all and some sex toys for men known by hardly any guys at all.

Of course most guys have heard of the Fleshlight, one of the world’s most popular sex toys for men. Several have heard the Autoblow Blast, the fully automatic blowjob machine. But for where you have sex toys for men that are household names, you also have dozens, if not hundreds that are so low key you only get to hear about them in the outer pages of lesser known sex toy retailers. Here are some of the less well known toys for men, many of which are great toys just waiting for their chance to shine:


Sexy Lil’ Slut Silicone Masturbator

This super stretchy hygienic silicone masturbator comes with a sexy little lady etched into the design, hence the name.

Ultra Soft Vagina

A tight jelly toy with a multi speed vibrator from a removable bullet; it grips beautifully and is always ready for you to go again and again.

Extreme Toyz Tight Young Snatch

A soft flesh-like feel pussy that’s open ended for easier cleaning too.

Jodie Moore’s Mouth Masturbator

Life-like masturbator sleeve that many guys claim feels better than a real mouth! It’s warm, tight and velvety-soft, and cast from porn star Jodie Moore’s own sensuous mouth.

Pearl Power Piston

From California Exotic, this clear, soft and tight jelly masturbator sleeve clings and cock and thrills with its array of bumpy pleasure beads.

Lacey Double Trouble Masturbator

Another low cost sex toy by California Exotic; Lacey Double Trouble is made from SoftTouch material that supplies comfort, stretch and superb sensations.

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